• Telecom Italia’s case study of Eco4Cloud deployment presented at Datacenter Dynamics conference – Paris, Oct. 6th 2014

Momentum continues to build at Eco4Cloud, which will be again on stage at the upcoming European DataCenterDynamics conference – the world’s largest peer-led international data center conference coming up in Paris on Oct. 6th 2014.


The session will be introduced by Eco4Cloud’s Head of Scientific Research and will include a detailed analysis of the case study of Telecom Italia’s deployment presented by Mike Lorusso, Telecom Italia’s Chief DC Architect. In fact, the main focus of the conference will be the crucially relevant topic of data center operations efficiency, and Telecom Italia –one of the largest European players in technological infrastructures and platforms, advanced telecommunications services, and ICT and Media solutions– will share the knowledge and innovation gained in this space, discussing their case study from initial tests to full‑scale global deployment across all of the company’s data centers internationally, documenting the tangible benefits in terms of energy efficiency and DC operations optimization. The speech will be complemented by Carlo Mastroianni, senior researcher at the Institute of High Performance Computing and Networking of the Italian National Research Council, ICAR-CNR (National Research Council of Italy) and Eco4Cloud’s co-founder and Research Director, who will discuss the scientific foundation of Eco4Cloud’s approach to Intelligent Workload Management (IWM).


A superb learning opportunity from an undisputed industry leader embracing state‑of‑the‑art technology and innovation, as well as the chance to network with a top-notch community of professionals that design, build and operate data centers internationally.

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