• How to solve VMs bottleneck with Eco4Cloud

What is a bottleneck

A bottleneck refers to a situation where the performance or capacity of a system (real or virtual) is limited by a single or small number of components or resources. Therefore, in a virtual environment a resource bottleneck occurs when a VM tries to use a resource such as RAM, CPU, disk but it is busy or no more available. To avoid bottlenecks, one of the core features of virtualization is live migration, namely the ability to move virtual machines between physical hosts.

How to solve misconfigurations

Much more often than you think, a virtualized environment is not properly configured and non-optimal configurations lead to waste of resources, poor consolidation ratio and uncertain SLA compliance.

One of the main drawbacks of the virtual environment misconfiguration is VMs live migrations prevention. This situation is not acceptable if you want to meet SLAs or to reach as more consolidation as possible for hardware savings.

HOW Eco4Cloud solves misconfigurations and VM Bottlenecks

Troubleshooter performs continuous monitoring of well-known virtualization options and sets immediate warning/alerts when wrong configurations are detected and helps virtual infrastructure administrator to solve possible drawbacks.

For every entity you select, Troubleshooter will compute two scores: Risk and Efficiency. Risk is a value influenced by the set of problems, and respective severity, that affects the selected entities. The score is comprised between 0% (no observed problems) to 100% (maximum risk severity) value. Efficiency is a score conveying the right allocation (and configuration) of resources of selected entity and of all its children under it.

misconfiguration vmware

Troubleshooter helps administrators to solve the issues preventing live migrations. VMs have to be properly configured in order to have live migration working.

Some examples of misconfigurations that Eco4Cloud helps to reveal:

  1. Every host attached to a standard switch has to define the same network portgroup, otherwise a live migration between two hosts with different portgroup is blocked.
  2. If a virtual machine has even only one hard disk configured as a Raw Device Mapping with Physical Mode, it cannot be hot migrated.
  3. The security and offload settings between virtual switches need to be the same to ensure that the functionality of the virtual machines is not affected upon migration.


Eco4Cloud versus competitors

Eco4Cloud Troubleshooter is a very flexible tool that helps to rapidly solve misconfiguration issues. In fact when wrong configurations are detected it sets immediate warning/alerts and notifies them in real time to the administrator. Eco4Cloud Troubleshooter can generate detailed reports listing all issues: every misconfiguration is categorized and the administrators can customize the reports and decide which categories to see.

 Troubleshooter permits to schedule and automatically receive reports by email specifying the day and the hour and which users will receive them.


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