Virtualization Management Software and Tools

Eco4Cloud developed a software architecture that seamlessly adapts to virtual and cloud environments, supports business growth and delivers operational excellence. With Eco4Cloud virtualization management tools for data center, you can:

  • Improve the performance of your applications
  • Reduce costs through the efficient use of resources
  • Improve productivity
  • Increase revenue through improved application performance

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Because of the ever-growing data center demand, data center administrators need constantly to find ways to improve performance and enhance infrastructure density. This is why infrastructure optimization is critical to maintain a high level of service in data centers.


Eco4Cloud solution portfolio is composed of 4 tools, based on a core engine of monitoring and analytics, interacting with virtual environments.

The first virtualization management tool is Workload Consolidation, which optimizes virtual machines placement to physical hosts, in order to increase performances and reduce the number of hosts needed.

The second tool is Smart Ballooning, which reduces the memory consumption of virtual machines, making it available for further consolidation.

The third virtualization management tool is Configurations Troubleshooter, which collects faulty configurations in the virtual environment, reports them ranked by severity, and offers solutions in a dedicated Knowledge Base, possibly fixing them automatically.

The fourth tool is the Capacity Decision Support Manager, responsible for capacity planning, dealing both with application and infrastructure layers.