Capacity Decision Support Manager

??????nCapacity Decision Support Manager (CDSM) is a capacity planning software, enhanced by Eco4Cloud’s workload consolidation algorithm. CDSM helps data center managers to improve virtualization capacity planning and data center capacity planning, with a solution to efficiently plan and use shared pools of resources in virtualized data centers.

Eco4Cloud’s CDSM addresses and solves the capacity-planning problem by modeling it with historical workloads and considering the peak workload for resource allocation. In fact CDSM creates demand patterns through the analysis of workload traces measured in the data center. This enables CDSM to accurately predict future demands.



allows to plan the whole virtualization layer within few minutes from the initial deployment. The setup is quick and hassle-free. CDSM immediately starts collecting historical performance data sampled by virtualization platform and makes capacity planning features available in few minutes.

The results obtained through CDSM are enhanced by Eco4Cloud’s workload consolidation algorithm, guaranteeing the best resource utilization possible. Boost your data center with our virtualization capacity planner tool.


Capacity Decision Support Manager (CDSM) is a lightweight software consisting of one simple, flexible and powerful wizard in which a user is able to add or modify the workload and the assets on his environment.

The output consists in two scenarios, both of them contains:

  • Residual workload on each cluster
  • How many hosts, if any, is needed to add to each cluster
  • Which hosts are recommended to relocate for optimal hardware usage
  • Which hosts are recommended to dismiss due to inefficiency

The first scenario, called “Low Impact” is a light solution, where workload is distributed on available hosts and only useless hardware is dismissed. The second scenario, called “High Impact” is a solution in which all obsolete hardware is replaced by newer and more efficient hardware.

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