troubleshootEco4Cloud Troubleshooter is a software which performs continuous monitoring of well-known virtualization options and sets immediate warning/alerts when wrong configurations are detected.

Virtualization comes with a wealth of needed configurations, along with the benefits delivered by isolation of virtual machines. More often than expected, a virtualized environment is not properly configured, and non-optimal configurations lead to resources waste, poor consolidation ratio, uncertain SLA compliance.

Specifically and among several other aspects of virtualized environment, Eco4Cloud Troubleshooter monitors the following critical parameters:

  • Virtualization platform SLA compliance
  • Host, virtual machine and storage health status
  • Host remote switch-on ability
  • VM hot migration ability
  • VM optimal access to storage
  • Network accessibility for VMs
  • Resources availability
  • VM virtual devices and controllers

and several other aspects of virtualized environment.

Eco4Cloud Troubleshooter continuous monitoring of the virtualized infrastructure highlights critical settings among well-known virtualization platform configurations. Such list is ranked by severity, and is useful to run a specific risk analysis, which is preparatory to other steps of service continuity management. It is also useful for root-cause analysis and return-to-normal operations during incident/problem management.

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