Workload Consolidation

The Solution

Eco4Cloud Workload Consolidation is a Virtual Infrastructure Optimization Solution improving the economics of virtualized data centers with an intelligent software platform, which increases performances and decreases costs.

Eco4Cloud Workload Consolidation works on top of a virtualization platform, and uses the exposed API to connect to the platform and optimize the workload placement in a virtual farm in order to make it more efficient.

Data Sheet FAQ
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VMs density increase

Eco4Cloud Workload Consolidation increases VMs density on average by 40%, up to 150%, thanks to our patented technology.

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Performance boost

Eco4Cloud Workload Consolidation is able to reduce CPU and RAM contention. Forget memory ballooning and see CPU Ready Time related warnings decrease up to 90%.

Easy to use

Quick deployment and setup. Easy to use, via web browser or as a VMware vClient plugin.

It is compliant with all the policies of a virtualized environment, and fully aware of any maintenance activity.

Deploy Workload Consolidation and maximize your IT immediately

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REDUCTION OF DATA CENTER COSTS By increasing the VMs density on the physical servers, the need of additional hardware during refresh cycles drops.

CONSOLIDATION AND EFFICIENCY The solutions/techniques commonly available today are semi-manual, extremely complex, poorly adaptive and not scalable. E4C’s innovative statistical algorithm and self-organizing/adaptive consolidation process help achieve utilization figures up to 90%

CAPACITY PLANNING Optimal occupancy of physical resources and adaptive optimization of inherently variable workloads

MEET DC SLAs – reliability, availability, performance Thanks to the insights and real-time monitoring analytics of critical system parameters provided by E4C, data center Managers can proactively/predictively prevent SLA violations, mitigate risks and increase overall data center reliability

SCALABILITY Thanks to its adaptive/self-organized distributed algorithm, E4C is very efficient for the very complex (α^n, n = number of VMs) consolidation problem, and converges to optimal state regardless of DC size in just a few hours. This is a great advantage as cost savings are proportional to the data center size