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Cut prices, increase customers and beat the competition among cloud providers: how to do it when 3 big Goliath (Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft) are absorbing all of your market?

It is clear that there is a war on the cloud providers space: AWS, Google and Microsoft are obviously the leaders, thanks to their offering and aggressive pricing strategies. After the three main providers, there are many companies that offer good products but need to find solutions that allows their business to be profitable to play an important role on the cloud market.

In this incredible and continuous struggle with no border, Eco4Cloud and its virtualization tool management helps cloud providers to have a chance and keep up with AWS, Google and Microsoft. With our solutions, cloud providers are able to offer more to customers, spending less and increasing their margins.


Let’s start from hardware and from the immediate saving that our solutions guarantee: having all physical hosts utilized at only at 30% – 50% is a very common scenario in the data center. The vast majority of hosts are hence operating with low efficiency, because energy consumption of a fully utilized host is quite similar to that of the same host in idle condition, and the data center is likely to have too many physical servers for the applied workload, wastefully consuming capital and data center capacity. Eco4Cloud Workload Consolidation is able to consolidate any number of virtual machines onto the minimum number of physical server hosts. The result is the same workload but using less machines! In addition to this, it is clear that you will cut your IT refresh cycle: if you better consolidate your datacenter you will be able to do more with your IT infrastructure and stop/delay buying new servers!

Check out Eco4Cloud results in a large Italian TELCO 


Other important costs on cloud provider are licenses and operating systems. In a corporate Datacenter, Operating System instances tend to span across the entire infrastructure without a proper control. This is an ineffective strategy, as it restrain the company from taking both the financial and the technological advantages of Operating Systems consolidation. The Eco4Cloud Workload Consolidation module optimizes VMs placement, in order to maximize their performances, while reducing hardware and OS licenses needs. Workload Consolidation computes a placement that aims at consolidating VMs running the same OS onto the same physical machines.

Find out more on Os consolidation with Eco4Cloud 


Last but not least, operations! One of the most annoying IT effort is on system warnings and alerts: it is a real pain, because the Operations team needs to analyze each one to fix it and ensure it would not become a critical damage for the infrastructure.

We put all of our efforts on it and we implemented an automation solution to cut alerts and warning. With our software and our continuous system monitoring, you can solve it very easily. Eco4Cloud Workload Consolidation allows to automate a correct placement of VMs, cutting warning and alerts.

In addition to this, Eco4Cloud Troubleshooter automates the monitoring of the virtualization platform and the notification of underlying misconfigurations, with impact analysis, related severity ranking and solutions recommendation. With Eco4Cloud, you can ensure service continuity, enhance agility, risk management and efficiency and resolve inefficiencies within your virtual infrastructure, cutting up to 90% daily warnings!

Eco4Cloud solutions, therefore, are important allies of cloud providers: with our solutions they can boost performances, cut costs and bills and offer more to their customers, considerably increasing their profits.

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