White Paper – Avoid Resource Contention with E4C

Avoid Memory Ballooning

Eco4Cloud prevents RAM memory utilization over 90%, thus avoiding the need to reclaim RAM memory through ballooning, swapping or compression.

Tear down warnings

Eco4Cloud prevents overloads, freeing up precious time of the operations team, otherwise devoted to analyze and solve resource contention scenarios.

Decrease CPU Ready

Eco4Cloud intelligently places VMs so to balance the load of the vCPUs, decrease contention and improve performance.

avoid contention

E4C White Paper

Learn how to save time and increase performance.

A primary Italian Telecommunication company increased its VMware environment performance and automated its management with Eco4Cloud Workload Consolidation and Smart Ballooning.

In this white paper we show how our customer automated VMs placement and got rid of memory ballooning and dangerous CPU latency.

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