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High VM Density and Eco4Cloud, a winning combination

Virtual Machine density represents the number of virtual machines that can run simultaneously on a single hypervisor without no performances degradation. In VMware terms, we can say that VM Density is the number of guest VMs that can be consolidated … Continue reading

How to solve VMs bottleneck with Eco4Cloud

What is a bottleneck A bottleneck refers to a situation where the performance or capacity of a system (real or virtual) is limited by a single or small number of components or resources. Therefore, in a virtual environment a resource … Continue reading

How to improve memory management in VMware environment

How memory management in VMware works In a virtual environment, memory is often considered the most constrained resource. The hypervisors use several techniques to optimize memory usage. Among the techniques to manage memory there is over commitment, which improves utilization, but can … Continue reading

Cloud provider and pricing: beat the competition with Eco4Cloud

Cut prices, increase customers and beat the competition among cloud providers: how to do it when 3 big Goliath (Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft) are absorbing all of your market? It is clear that there is a war on the cloud providers … Continue reading

Horizon2020, Eco4Cloud funded for phase two

Investing in research and development has always been one of the most important part of our work here at Eco4Cloud. We’re constantly searching for new ways to optimize VM density and maximize IT performance with our software solutions: our effort … Continue reading

Consolidate OS in corporate datacenter with Eco4Cloud

In a corporate datacenter, Operating System instances tend to span across the entire infrastructure without a proper control. This is an ineffective strategy, as it restrain the company from taking both the financial and the technological advantages of Operating Systems consolidation. … Continue reading

Eco4Cloud at Ambrosetti’s Technology Forum

How does European Union support innovation and R&D? How much is efficient Horizon 2020 and how it could help small and medium enterprises to innovate? The Technology Forum Preview will give the floor exactly to them, the Italian entrepreneurs who are … Continue reading

Memory ballooning: our interview on Opvizor

One of the biggest tasks facing system administrators today is finding efficient host memory reclamation techniques to support memory overcommitment. One way to do this is through ballooning and Eco4Cloud has one of the most important software solutions to reduce … Continue reading

Eco4Cloud Workload Consolidation rightsizing your VMware clusters

Here an important review received on Trust Radius by Michele “Mike” Lorusso, IT Architect and Technical Scouting and Planning at Telecom Italia Information Technology. Lorusso reviewed our WorkLoad Consolidation software and highlined how much you can rightsize your VMware clusters with Eco4Cloud. … Continue reading

Eco4Cloud selected for Intesa San Paolo’s Tech MarketPlace

LEGGI L’ARTICOLO IN ITALIANO An important partnership, working together and giving customers important and high quality services. Eco4Cloud has been selected by Intesa San Paolo, one of the most important Italian banking group, to join its Tech MarketPlace. Tech-Marketplace is a digital … Continue reading