• Patuano (Tim): “Eco4cloud most impressive startup I’ve seen”


A really important commendation, for Eco4Cloud, came in the last days from Marco Patuano, CEO of Telecom Italia and one of the most important italian’s manager. Patuano considered Eco4Cloud as “one of the most impressive Italian startup in the last years”.

Patuano talked during Working Capital’s Demo Day: The TIM #Wcap Accelerator is Telecom Italia’s open innovation programs which selects, finances and accelerates digital startups. It has four accelerators: Milan, Rome, Bologna and Catania. With more than 3000 square meters of space, TIM #Wcap Accelerators represent a central point in digital innovation in Italy. It provide space for coworking and networking events, but also a meeting point for relations with local partners like universities and other accelerators.

Every year, during Demo Day, WCap discloses some of the most important Italian startup, selected all around Italy: during this official meeting, when the moderator asked if there were startups or innovative enterprises particularly worthy, Patuano had no doubt.

“In these years – said Patuano – the most impressive enterprise I’ve seen was Eco4Cloud, and we started an important collaboration in the last years” . Eco4Cloud, effectively, works with Telecom Italia and optimizes the consolidation of virtual machines, cutting the costs of its data centers.

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