• Eco4Cloud is Innovation Champion at 2nd “Innovative Innovation, New Frontiers for Enterprise Innovation” conference – Rome, Oct 20th-21st

Eco4Cloud will take part at the 2nd Innovative Innovation ‑ New Frontiers for Enterprise Innovation’ conference (Rome, Oct 20th-21st) organized by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7) and Business Innovation in Virtual Enterprise Environments (BIVEE) with their Partners CNR, Engineering, Loccioni, Università Politecnica delle Marche, AICA, Media Duemila and Stati Generali dell’Innovazione.

Innovation is one of the most important strategic drivers to exit the economic downturn and boost the economy, and the conference will be a forum to discuss and exchange emerging solutions, the enablers, but also the main issues related to enterprise innovation.

Eco4Cloud is invited as “Innovation Champion”, i.e. Companies that are able to adopt new paradigms and tools for continuous innovation, and Carlo Mastroianni – Eco4Cloud’s co-founder and Scientific Director – will discuss its experience as an innovative SME stemmed from the research ideas and algorithms developed at the CNR and now successfully operating on the global and highly competitive markets.

For info and registration: http://bivee.eu/innovating-innovation-new-frontiers-for-enterprise-innovation/

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