• Eco4Cloud covered in ‘Datacenter Technologies: Research agenda 2014-2015′ report by 451 Research

As Management software has become key for datacenter operational and business efficiency to monitor the critical infrastructure and the status of datacenters, as well as the IT they support and to optimize them, new categories of software products have emerged to enable end-to-end efficiency, agility and competitiveness.

Highly reputed and very specialized industry analyst 451 Research has grouped these under the banner term Datacenter Service Optimization (DCSO), covering products that address the management of the supply and use of energy, real-time financial costing and long-term planning, and the converged management of IT and facilities creating the foundational layer of the ‘software driven’ or autonomic datacenter.

In this context, Eco4Cloud is covered in the ‘Datacenter Technologies: Research agenda 2014-2015′ report just released by 451 Research, with reference to the following functional areas:

  • core management tools for DC efficiency/availability/agility
  • Integrated Management of IT and DCs
  • Datacenter Business Management

«This comes as additional recognition for the great work and innovation done by the Eco4Cloud Team and a clear testament of the outstanding potential ahead in this crucially relevant space» said Roberto Mircoli, Chief Executive Officer at Eco4Cloud.



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