This issue occurs if vCenter Server is unable to access the virtual machine configuration files across the ESX/ESXi hosts that are participating in the vMotion. This error typically occurs if the virtual machine is located on local storage. However, it can also indicate a misconfiguration of the shared storage between the ESX/ESXi hosts.

  • Verify your storage configuration. Ensure that the virtual machine is located on shared storage and not a local datastore that is only viewable to one specific ESX/ESXi host. The shared datastore must be presented to both ESX/ESXi hosts in your environment that you intend to vMotion between. Select the ESX/ESXi host within the vCenter Server client and click the Summary tab to see which datastores are currently presented to each ESX/ESXi host. See the VMware Knowledge base article.
  • Power down the virtual machine and perform a cold migration

Read also this Vmware Knowledge base article.

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