This is an advice of E4C Troubleshooter to remove reservations on virtual machines.

Setting a memory reservation on a resource pool level has its own weaknesses, but it is much fairer and more along the whole idea of consolidation and sharing than virtual machine memory reservations. RP level reservations are immediately active, but are not claimed. This means it will only subtract the specified amount of memory from the unreserved capacity of the cluster.
RP reservations are used when children of the resource pool uses memory and the system is under contention. Reservations are not wasted and the resources can be used by other virtual machines. Be aware, using and reserving are two distinct concepts! Virtual machines can use the resource, but they cannot reserve this as well if it is already reserved by another item.

It appears that resource pool memory reservations work almost similar to CPU reservations, they won’t let any resource go to waste. And to top it off, resource pool reservations don’t flow to virtual machines, they will not influence HA slot sizes. Which unfortunately can lead to (temporary) performance loss if a host failover occurs. When a virtual machine is restarted by HA they are not restarted in the correct resource pool but in the root resource pool, which can lead to starvation. Until DRS is invoked, the virtual machine need to do it without any memory reservations.


Both Eco4Cloud and Vmware suggest to use resources pool and set CPU or memory reservation on them.

There is a full article on the subject available here.



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