«Eco4Cloud represents a bright example of sustainable innovation, grown bottom-up and supported by a large company»

Marco Patuano – Chief Executive Officer at Telecom Italia



«At long last the compute infrastructure has caught up with storage by delivering “thin provisioning” for the virtual environment. Eco4Cloud offers a unique opportunity to right size the compute farm avoiding over-provisioning of hardware, power and data centre capacity at a stroke. Ideally suited for managed service providers and enterprises alike. Perhaps the most relevant innovation for highly virtualised environments of the decade.»

Steve O’Donnell – Chairman of the Board at Lanix Limited, Managed Service Provider


Chris Grecsek - CTO at Centered Networks

«We are embracing Eco4Cloud’s Host Thin Provisioning™ as it delivers significant improvements to the optimization of Centered Networks’ highly virtualized multi­‑tenant cloud environment, ultimately achieving significant agility and cost savings. Eco4Cloud, in fact, allows us to dynamically provision only the number of physical servers that our customers’ workloads actually require. This feature is unique to Eco4Cloud in the virtualization world, as it actively manages the number of powered‑­on cores in the server estate, resulting in significant accuracy in capacity management and 40% reductions in electricity and cooling demand. The sum total of benefits include reduced data center space, reduced numbers of physical servers, reduced power and cooling demands, all of which lead to better ROI/profitability and a more competitive offer to our clients.»

Chris Grecsek – CTO at Centered Networks


«At CEFRIEL we review and evaluate numerous advanced and innovative information and communication technologies every year and we found yours to be one of the most interesting we have seen. We are happy to know about your achievements so far, which confirm our positive initial impression about the technical and scientific value of your proposal. We are always proud to see an Italian company play a serious role in the tough IT market and we wish you a very successful future»

Prof. Alfonso Fuggetta – CEO and Scientific Director, CEFRIEL Politecnico di Milano

Andrew Donoghue

«Eco4Cloud’s mission to tackle the energy-efficiency shortcomings of virtualisation, combined with a strong research pedigree, make its technology a very interesting option for data center owners who want to reduce their OpEx and CapEx, as well as refining their Capaciy Planning and DC Operations. Recent market developments in the DCIM space also help to make the case for Eco4Cloud’s technology that aims to improve datacenter efficiency through better workload/virtual machine management.»

Andrew Donoghue – Senior Analyst, Datacenter Technologies & Eco-Efficient IT at 451 Research

Franco Regis

«After thorough testing and validation, we selected Eco4Cloud’s solution for the compelling and  innovative solution in reducing energy cost in our DC operations and the competitive advantage it provides to our Cloud and Energy Efficiency services»

Franco Regis – Vice President of Energy Purchase & Management at Telecom Italia


«We signed a 3-yrs agreement with Eco4Cloud and decided to include their solution in Telecom Italia’s commercial portfolio, for both domestic as well as international markets, so that it’s now also available to our Customers»

Salvo Mizzi – Office of the CEO, Head of the Working Capital Project at Telecom Italia

Mike Lorusso

«Adding eco4cloud to a VMware farm is like adding a smart counselor who tells the vCenter which VMs to move and where to move them with a goal in mind: empty some of the ESX servers and switch them to standby mode. All this is done continuously checking that all VMs are fine and running smoothly.
So eco4cloud not only reduces Opex expenditures by reducing your power consumption but also postpones Capex spending by freeing up ESX servers, making them available for reuse.»

Mike Lorusso – IT Architect – Technical Scouting and Planning at Telecom Italia


«I’m proud of the amazing industry reputation and market momentum Eco4Cloud is enjoying globally: they are a testament to the great quality and forefront innovation of the advanced research carried out at Italy’s National Research Council»

Dott. Paolo Annunziato – General Manager, National Research Council (CNR)

Prof. Michele Costabile – Chairman, Principia SGR

«Eco4Cloud perfectly fits the investment strategy of Principia, the leading venture capital company in Italy: groundbreaking technology addressing a fast-growing global market, superb leadership Team, and compelling business model.»

Prof. Michele Costabile – Chairman, Principia SGR

Gianluca Dettori – Chairman, dPixel | Kauffman Fellow

«We have been the first investor to believe in this team and since the beginning we’ve been impressed by its technological skills. Eco4Cloud technology can deliver significant improvements in efficiency and profitability of modern data centers.»

Gianluca Dettori – Chairman, dPixel | Kauffman Fellow