Implementation of the DCM Data Models and Analysis Features

Status of the task: Complete

Title: Implementation of the DCM Data Models and Analysis Features

Activities carried out during the task:

The objective of this task was to define and implement the main modules of the Upper Layer of the EcoMultiCloud platform and, in particular, the high level consolidation Data Center Manager (DCM) module. We deployed the VMware vApp that performs the logic and functionalities if the DCM module, in a VMWare environment. As for the implementation of the modules of the Lower Layer, we adopted the software engineering model referred to as “incremental model”, which allowed us to take advantage from aspects learned during the development of earlier versions of the software. We also defined the software interfaces for the connections between the EcoMultiCloud Orchestrator, belonging to the Upper Layer, and the different Local Data Centers. Specifically, the implemented modules are: (i) the module that represents and processes information regarding to the distributed data center environment; (ii) the features and modules that transmit/receive high level information to/from all the other data centers; (iii) the modules that combine the information collected from the data centers and take decisions about the distribution of the workload among the data centers. As for the modules of the Lower Layer, we produced a user guide that includes an installation manual and a guide for the installation and utilization of the Upper Layer modules.