Validation Metrics and Plan

Status of the task: Complete

Title: Validation Metrics and Plan

Activities carried out during the task:

The main business advantages of EcoMultiCloud solution are: Inter-Cloud management, risk mitigation, real-time adaptation and scalability. In accordance with these business advantages, the goal of this task has been to define a set of metrics and procedures to assess the capabilities of the devised solution.

The main activities in this task have been: (i) we individuated and discussed the metrics that can be used to assess the successful satisfaction of the requirements defined in the Deliverable 1.2; (ii) we individuated the quantitative and qualitative targets related to such metrics; (iii) we defined a validation plan containing the activities and the experiments that will be performed by Eco4Cloud to assess the defined metrics and confirm the achievement of the related targets. Moreover, we recognized that there is a clear lack of standard metrics about the efficiency of the computational components of data centers.

Accordingly, we introduced a new metric, the HUE (Host Usage Effectiveness) that intends to fill this gap. This metric will be used to assess the efficiency of the strategies and policies for the assignment and redistribution of the workload among the data centers.