Requirements Elicitation and Functional Design

Status of the task: Complete

Title: Requirements Elicitation and Functional Design

Activities carried out during the task:

In this task we expanded the high-level analysis of Task 1.1 by eliciting and formalising the main system requirements. Specifically, we identified the main technical constraints, such as the capacity of single DCs and their ability to perform inter-DC migrations, the latency and bandwidth requirements of long-distance migrations, the possible downtime perceived by users, the security policies etc.

The requirements analysis has been performed following the software engineering principles. The requirements have been identified and described following a classification on three points of view. Since EcoMultiCloud has a hierarchical architecture, the requirements were divided into two categories: Local Requirements and Global Requirements. Local Requirements are the specifications of the subsystem that manage a local data center, whereas the Global Requirements are the specifications of the top level “orchestrator” that coordinate the inter-data center operations. Furthermore, the requirements were categorized into functional and non-functional. Finally, an additional discrimination among the requirements has been made, by individuating User and System Requirements.