Download Eco4Cloud and consolidate your datacenter!

Up to 50% consolidation rate!

Run Eco4Cloud and see how much hardware you can save on your IT infrastructure with our consolidation scenario.

-90% daily warnings

Stop wasting time on alerts of your virtualized environments: install our virtualization management tool and discover how you can save energy and time!

Ballooned memory removed!

Memory ballooning can create performances degradation and slow down the VMs: with Eco4Cloud you can completely remove it from your datacenter.

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With us

Mike Lorusso – IT Architect – Technical Scouting and Planning at Telecom Italia

Mike Lorusso IT Architect
at Telecom Italia

Virgolette_aperteEco4Cloud not only reduces Opex expenditures by reducing your power consumption but also postpones Capex spending by freeing up ESX servers, making them available for reuse


Andrew Donoghue

Chris Grecsek
CTO at Centered Networks

Virgolette_aperteWe are embracing Eco4Cloud’s Host Thin Provisioning™ as it delivers significant
improvements to the optimization of Centered Networks’ highly virtualized multi­‑tenant
cloud environment,
ultimately achieving significant agility and cost savings.


Chris Grecsek – CTO at Centered Networks

Andrew Donoghue
Senior Analyst, Datacenter
at 451 Research

Virgolette_aperteEco4Cloud’s technology is a very interesting option for data center owners who want to reduce their OpEx and CapEx, as well as refining their Capaciy Planning and DC Operations.