Distributed Architecture Specification

Status of the task: Complete

Title: Distributed Architecture Specification

Activities carried out during the task:

The objective of this task was to describe and detail the architecture of the EcoMultiCloud solution, which is logically organized in two layer: the upper layer, with a global knowledge of the system, and the lower layer that autonomously operate in local data center. We defined the role of the main upper layer component, Orchestrator, which performs the decision based on data collected by all the local applications that operate at lower layer.

We described how the algorithms of the upper layer can be profitably tuned to achieve different business goals (e.g. costs saving and/or performance improvements). We designed the lower layer in accordance with two configurations, Master and Master/Slave. We designed the local dashboards in order to work in complete autonomy on each data center. Furthermore, we designed the protocols for the interaction and communication among the actors involved in the system. Finally, starting from the requirements described in the Task 1.2, we defined the functionalities of the Orchestrator and of local dashboards of the single data centers. Starting from the analogous classification of requirements, performed in Task 1.2, we classified the functionalities into User functionalities (Reduction of energy cost, Use Green Energy, Load Balancing, etc) and System functionalities (Network Security Policies, Service availability, Distributed Orchestration, etc.).